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How To Raise Good Kids

Deborah Venable



Okay I’m tired of pussyfooting around this subject.   I began writing about it decades ago, even published a book about it almost a decade ago, and still things get worse, the government gets more powerful, and more kids are allowed to be little beasts who grow up to be brutal animals or whining, useless human debris!  Once and for all – here are the rules to good parenting.  Take them or leave them, but stop thinking you or the government or the “professionals” know more than I do!


Rule #1  Don’t have children unless you want to be a PARENT!  That means; don’t do anything that can possibly result in a child unless YOU WANT TO BE A PARENT!


Rule #2  Once the decision has been made and the kid is on the way make damned good and sure there are TWO NORMAL human beings that will welcome the child into this world and take responsibility for teaching that child about reality and life.  That doesn’t mean that you decide to “find yourself” through the “role” of being a father or mother, or that you feel compelled to “extend” your “line” because that’s what other people expect you to do.  That simply means that this is the hardest job you will ever undertake and you had better be willing to go into it with your eyes wide open and responsibility riding your shoulders at all times.


Rule #3  At this point I must bring up a fact that you should know but may not in this world of ours today.  You can’t all of a sudden decide that YOU are more important than that new little life you have spawned.  If you happen to decide it’s inconvenient – TOUGH.  If medical professionals tell you something is “wrong” with the child – TOUGH.  If it suddenly dawns on you that you don’t have a pot to piss in and a window to throw it out, and therefore can’t “afford” a child – TOUGH.  Refer back to Rules 1 and 2.


Rule #4  The baby arrives and there you are a parent!  Don’t make assumptions about ANYTHING at this point.  Everything, and I do mean EVERYTHIING at this point is temporary EXCEPT for the fact that YOU are responsible for that new life.  You may have feelings that run the gamut from euphoria to depression and everything in between.  Suck it all up and GET OVER IT.  Your family may be proud and supportive or disappointed and a pain in your backside.  GET OVER IT.  That baby is precious and innocent, but it is NOT SWEET!  GET OVER IT.  It is a demanding, sometimes annoying, thorn in your side that YOU MUST deal with – and patience is your only weapon.


Rule #5  Addendum to Rule #4 – It will ALL be worth it and you MUST believe and realize this! 


Rule #6  At this point I must say, READ THE DAMNED BOOK!  I say that because I handled all that comes next with greater sensitivity, time, patience, and wisdom than I have at this point while writing this shocking article so many years after writing the book. 


Rule #7   Your time is NOT your own at this point.  Suck that up too and don’t whine about it.  There is NOBODY that you can hire at this time to do the job of parenting your child better than you can.  NOBODY!  You can’t just dump the child on anybody willing to watch him and expect the child to receive what he deserves.  He (or she) deserves what YOU contracted for – YOU taking care of him, loving him, guiding him and raising him to adulthood.  PERIOD!


Let me take a little break from the rules at this point and tell you why I decided to write this article.  I am so sick and tired of reading and hearing the news every day of the week about some little brat (and at my age, that includes some pretty old brats) that has done some outrageous thing or another that completely destroyed somebody else or whole families of innocent somebody elses.  Do you want to know whom I instantly blame for what they do? THEIR PARENTS!  That’s who.


 If any one of my kids (and I have five of ‘em) did anything to hurt anyone else, it would be ON ME till the day I die.  Their dad is dead so I am all that’s left to blame.  You see I take this responsibility thing to the grave with me.  I would be the one standing before my Maker explaining why a child I raised could do an evil thing.  If everyone felt the same way as I do, evil would be wiped out in one generation!


Rule #8  Babyhood is fleeting.  It is gone before you know it.  ENJOY IT! 


Rule #9  Toddlerhood is fleeting.  It is gone before you know it.  ENJOY IT!


Rule #10  The formative years of pre-teendom is fleeting.  It is gone before you know it.  ENJOY IT!


Rule #11  The teenage years are so very important – and they are fleeting.  Gone before you know it.  ENJOY THEM!


Rule #12  Learn to EXPECT the best out of your kids and let them damned well know when you don’t get it.  If you expect the worst, THAT is what you will always get.  Also you had better know what that “best” standard is and model it for your kids every day.


Good and bad, right and wrong DO exist!  Kids don’t pop out into the world knowing the difference.  They have to be taught, and that’s where YOU come in. 


If you have followed all these rules to the letter, you now have a grown child and a good child.  But, if he EVER needs you for ANYTHING until the day you die, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE!  Suck it all up.  Enjoy it all.  And for God’s sake – RAISE GOOD CHILDREN!


My children were raised by parents who believe and believed everything in this article.  I also believe that their father helped me write it.  All we can both hope is that enough people read it and take it seriously.


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The Rush Limbaugh Phenomenon

Deborah Venable



I probably would not be writing this article if not for a short exchange I recently had with an acquaintance.  I was doing what I always do at that time of day on a weekday – listening to Rush on my earphones from my computer.  She interrupted me by speaking to me a couple of times, even though she wasn’t in the house to see me but rather to attend to my disabled friend.  This acquaintance is merely the home health care nurse.  After the second or third interruption, she asked me if I was listening to music or something else that had my attention so completely.  I answered that I was listening to Rush Limbaugh.


As most pseudo intellectuals will tend to do these days, upon the mention of his name, she immediately laughed and proceeded to say something to the effect that he could tell a good joke every now and then, but she was by no means a fan.  He is just too much of a know it all and has no credibility.  She cited his “addiction problems with Oxycodone” as evidence.  She said he really had to change his tune on THAT one. 


I didn’t bother to reply and merely readjusted my headphones before I missed anything else the “know it all” had to say. 


This nurse is a very nice lady.  She comes in and takes care of my friend’s medical needs when she is supposed to, and leaves when she is done, so I have nothing against her.  I have no idea what her political leanings are and have no desire to get into a long discussion with her on any subject.  She is friendly, does her job, and leaves. 


It was only after this incident that I began to think about all the other folks I have heard and seen comment on Rush – both positively and negatively.  Snap judgments are more often based on what someone else says about a person than on what that person says or does.  That is just the way it is in today’s America.  Realistic and correct judgment requires knowing the person.  In Rush’s case, I feel I do know him even though we have never met.


For instance, does the aforementioned nurse or anyone who comments on Rush’s “addiction problems with Oxycodone” know how that all came about and how he handled it?  I can understand a medical professional’s interest in this aspect of his life, but most of what was said about his addiction was negative and conferred the label of hypocrite on Rush for his previous statements about how he felt about drug addiction.  That is the price of fame and success.  His addiction came about from years of dealing with pain while remaining in the limelight.  After a botched surgery to fix the pain problems, they only got worse – thus he was hooked on pain relievers.  That isn’t exactly the same as taking the drugs for the high. 


I will interject here that I have always agreed with Rush’s original damnation of drug addiction.  One needs only to read much of what I have written on the subject to get that.  I never condone it, and I don’t condone Rush’s addiction.  It has been speculated by others that it may have even caused his sudden loss of hearing.  If that’s the case, I do think he has paid his price to society, eh?  He publicly proclaimed his addiction and did what he had to do to overcome it.  So that is ancient history, and I doubt that his “tune” has changed a bit on drug addiction.


As to the character of the man, Rush is a conservative first and foremost – not a political hack.  What comes out of his mouth are his true values, and this becomes evident the longer you listen to what he says.  His personal relationship failures always make a great target for his detractors, but it never seems to shake his core beliefs.  Obviously he thought long and hard before taking the plunge with Katherine, so I wish them only the best for a long and successful marriage.  Judgment of his public character must be based on his successes as well as his failures, but it seldom is.  He is attacked as being a “hypocrite” for singing the praises of committed, traditional marriage even as he privately suffers the effects of multiple marriage failures.  Where is the hypocrisy?  One would have to know all the facts in the failures to make that assumption, and he doesn’t air his dirty laundry.


The truth is that if there had never been a Rush Limbaugh, there probably would have never been as great an awakening to the massacre of family values, conservative principles, and dangerous political philosophies that have brought this country to the brink of ruin.  The frog was already in the pot when Rush came along, but he has been prodding it to jump out and trying to cool the pot ever since.  While doing all this, he managed to open the door for others to follow and cheerfully led the way.


Rush never pretends to be something he is not even though those who seem to hate him are appalled at some of his seemingly conceited claims (America’s Real Anchorman, Leader of the Republican Party, etc.) the REAL Rush is actually the Harmless, Loveable Fuzzball.  The real Rush is also, more often than not, right.



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